We work with our customers step-by-step to obtain the necessary state, county, city and development permits and approvals necessary for your project and coordinate any other services related to your permitting process, such as surveys and soil testing.  Our Permit Administrator has over a decade of experience in marine construction permitting and is a wealth of information about the regulations affecting your project.



Docks & Piers

Our company is well-qualified and experienced in residential and commercial docks and piers.  Our employees have extensive knowledge of dock and pier design and building techniques to bring your vision to life.  We use high-quality 2.5 CCA treated pilings that are jetted/ driven into the ground based on your specific site conditions.  Our treated lumber is #1 grade kiln dried after treatment.  All bolts and hardware are either galvanized or stainless steel.  We have three construction barges to help us access your project from land or water and perform the work efficiently and professionally.


Some of the projects we build include some or all of the following: walkways over tidal areas, pier heads with or without roofs, fish cleaning stations and floating docks.  See some examples of our work here.



Seawalls, Bulkheads and Rock Revetments

We can construct seawalls or bulkheads as well as provide stone or backfill to protect your waterfront property from erosion.  Typical construction includes FRP or timber retaining walls that rely on pilings driven to the appropriate depth based on your unique site conditions.  See some examples of our work here.




Boatlifts and Kayak Racks

Many of our customers are avid boaters and kayakers.  We will work with you to design a configuration that fits your site, needs and budget.  We are the Lowcountry's authorized dealer of Davit-Master boatlifts and will help plan and install the right boatlift for your needs.  See some examples of our work here.




Bridges and Civic Projects

We regularly contract with government and developers and other construction professionals to construct community projects, such as boardwalks, bridges, marinas  and community docks and fishing piers.  See some examples of our work here.




Pre-Sale Inspection

Whether you are hoping to buy or sell waterfront property, you will likely want to have your marine structure inspected to know its condition.  Our team will meet you at the site (this requires the owner's permission) to inspect the structure and provide observations and recommendations about its condition.





Once your project is completed, you will want to keep it in good condition.  The salt and sun conditions in our area mean more frequent pressure washing and staining are needed and we are happy to help you with that project so you can spend your time enjoying the water.  We use top-quality, marine products to extend the life of your marine structures.


If you have a boatlift, you may also wish to consider our annual boatlift maintenance to provide peace of mind that your boat is secure on its lift.  Our electrician will come and check a host of items and perform any critical maintenance needed at that time.  If there are items that are not in need of immediate replacement, we will let you know so you can plan accordingly.




Severe Weather Recovery

An unfortunate part of living in our beautiful Lowcontry is the severe weather that may damage docks, seawalls, boardwalks and other marine structures.  Our team can inspect your damaged property, assess the damages and develop a recovery plan to make best use of the materials that are salvageable, provide demolition and takeaway services and restore your property or redesign your project to fit your budget and needs.




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